Govt mum on Indian fraudster Pandey’s citizenship status


HARARE – President Robert Mugabe’s government is “quivering” about Indian fraudster and fugitive Dinesh Pandey’s citizenship status after he obtained residency papers nearly 13 years ago, despite his chequered history.

This also comes as the controversial businessman has upped a “smear campaign” and attacks on an ex-business partner Nandlal Goenka, including a spurious complaint to the Central Intelligence Organisation’s economic crimes unit that the latter had fraudulently sought to invest in Zimbabwe.

These claims also include charges that Goenka was on the run.

Kembo Mohadi, the co-Home Affairs minister, has failed, over the past two weeks to acknowledge the Daily News’ inquiries on the issue and how Pandey obtained local documents when he was facing serious fraud charges in Dehli, and Thailand.

In a June 28, letter to the Economic Research Unit (ERU) director Jimias Madzingira, the Elhart Mine (Private) Limited owner claims, through his son Anil, that Goenka had tried “to muscle him out” of several mining deals, including Prowick Investments (Prowick) and Pure Minerals Zimbabwe.

“In May 2013, Mr Goenka fraudulently removed my name from the list of shareholders of Pure Minerals… and replaced it with… Walter Tapfumaneyi who was awarded 10 percent of the shares. The other shareholders have since lodged a complaint against him… with regards to this matter as they were not consulted during the change as required by the law,” he said, adding the gold and diamond baron was also trying “to use indigenous people” to acquire documents, and legitimise his operations.

“However, Goenka, who helped set up and finance Prowick, among other Pandey associated firms, said the companies had “never issued share certificates to Anil Pandey and nor has his name been entered in the companies register of members”.

“The copy of the resolution passed in terms of section 134 (1) of the Companies Act passed on 28/6/2012 confirms the same. Further, Mr Pandey’s inability to pay the required amount as his financial contribution to secure the required shares in the company also resulted in the termination of his directorship from 1st August 2012,” the besieged tycoon says in his response to ERU letter.

In the self-styled “Zimbabwean spinner “of yarns’ world, it gets more curious when Pandey’s proxies say Goenka had tried to torpedo a $50 million Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe investment deal for Tuli Coal mine with Indian investors.

Further, the multi-millionaire had “sabotaged the nation by advising Shapoorji and Pallonji Group not to do any business in Zimbabwe… before election results are announced” and he would be able to “negotiate a better deal with a political party which will be in power after the elections”.

The Pandeys’s letter even alleges Goenka’s bullion companies have been fudging records about real production numbers or figures and that the latter had pending diamond, and ivory-smuggling cases in Angola, the DR Congo and South Korea.

While the Goenka Diamond and Jewels Limited founder has rebutted the allegations saying he “could not comprehend a single thing about the charges”, the aggressor tries to mire him in his mess or web by alleging that the former had defrauded his company White Gems (Private) Limited — a firm at the centre of his $4,5 million fraud charge in Bangkok.

To add insult to injury, they allege the Indian tycoon — controlling an $800 million gem processing behemoth, was involved in the illegal purchasing of Chiadzwa diamonds with a non-existent Lebanese trader called Tahisir.

Further, Goenka was even trying to use his political connections, including Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, and was in the habit of name-dropping senior Zanu PF officials’ names.

In their belief, Goenka’s corner believes Pandey has been running this vicious campaign in order to fend or fob off serious fraud charges brought against him by the former’s Cosmic Resources (Private) Limited (Cosmic).

As things stand, Pandey senior is due in court this week over the $140 000 fraud case and where he also faces a possible civil imprisonment.

In that case, the controversial businessman reportedly defrauded Goenka by way of inflating acquisition prices for a Selous gold mine and chrome assets around the country, and the latest legal twist or run-in comes Cosmic had won a mid-February judgment compelling Pandey to repay his ex-co-investors the full amount plus a five percent interest.

“If you fail to pay the sum specified above, you must appear before the High Court on (understandably July 31)…. to explain why you have not paid it and to show cause why an order for your imprisonment should not be made on account of your failure to pay,” read a June 21 judgment.

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