Big Brother loses the plot


HARARE – Big Brother Africa (BBA) is on course from being the hottest reality show in Africa to a scripted fraud.

BBA The chase has thrown out the reality aspect of the show by including the Emerald housemates who are obviously playing to the whims of Big Brother. BBA the Chase is a far cry from a genuine reality show.

All around the world the reality show concept is the same, you let money-hungry, attention-hungry and power-hungry people to live together and let them battle it out.

Snitching, craftiness backstabbing and all manner of craziness should come naturally when there is a cool $300 000 cheque on the line.

But the entrance of the Emeralds, who are some external forces manipulating contestants’ decisions and how they play their game, has made BBA a clear fraud.

I am glad the seven housemates left because it would have been boring to watch. They were nothing but confusion packaged in human bodies, not just to the contestants but also to Africa which was watching.

There are eight countries left in the game and to draw the attention of countries which have no representation, we need more than just “fakemates.”

Biggie took it too far to make the ghostmates real housemates, with a particular mandate of causing confusionand mayhem in the house. A reality show will only be successful if it has interesting characters in the first place.

BBA is now making me doubt the credibility of the whole process from the selection of housemates to the voting system.

Who are these Emerald housemates? Yes we know one of them called JJ is from Zimbabwe. But how did they get chosen?

Please Biggie no more fake things to spice the show; it’s spiced up as it is.

So Zimbabwe has once again suffered another Big brother disappointment after failing to make it to the top five, after the embarrassing exit of Maneta and Roki last year.

“Cry my beloved Zimbabwe.”

At least Hakeem and Pokello tried their best to represent the country. At least they were real.

Pokello fell in love but tried so hard not to appear whipped by her man Elikem. It is only human nature.

And for Hakeem let me just say he let love take over his game.

He became so engulfed in his new-found relationship with Cleo and forgot to be an outstanding individual.

But anyway it’s all water under the bridge now.

I’ll keep watching BBA but like many I’ll stick to the live shows and the daily highlights. The only hope that is left for Zimbabwe now is next year. Kudos!

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