‘August 1 second Independence Day’


BULAWAYO – Parastatals and State Enterprises minister Gorden Moyo has “declared” the first day of August Zimbabwe’s second Independence Day.

Moyo who is also the mainstream MDC Bulawayo provincial chairperson and an aspiring candidate for Makokoba Constituency said the day after July 31 watershed elections will mark the country’s rebirth from three decades of black colonialism.

Addressing hundreds of party supporters at Stanley Square in Makokoba in the second largest city on Friday, Moyo predicted another Uhuru.

“Zanu PF has done everything in its power in order to suppress our march to a new Zimbabwe.  But let me assure you that on the first of August 2013, it will be Zimbabwe’s second Independence Day,” Moyo said.
He predicted a resounding victory for his party.

“In 1980, Zimbabwe was liberated from white colonialists; it was rescued from white domination but come Wednesday, Zimbabwe will be once again freed from black colonialism. It will be liberated from a black to black suppression,” Moyo said.

Moyo who is squaring off with six other candidates lamented how Zanu PF has destroyed the once vibrant economy in the process turning hard-working Zimbabweans into destitutes.

He urged the electorate to go out in their numbers to “finish 33 years of suffering in one day” adding that President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party are now destined for the political dustbins.

Speaking at the same event, aspiring Member of Parliament for Pumula Albert Mhlanga said.

Mugabe was taking Zimbabweans for granted.

“We should vote Mugabe out this time around because he is treating us like his grandchildren. We are not,” Mhlanga said.

“He has just run out of ideas and at his rallies all you hear are history lectures. We don’t want to be told history time and again because we all know it. Who doesn’t?” Mhlanga, also the MDC Bulawayo provincial organising secretary, added.

As the election date draws closer, Zanu PF has been dishing out cheap torches, flasks and kettles in a desperate attempt to charm voters, an idea Mhlanga condemned.

“We know they are offering all those goodies. Please feel free to receive them and don’t hesistate but come Wednesday we wave goodbye to Zanu PF,” he said.

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