Pokello’s fresh nudity storm


HARARE – Evicted Big Brother Africa (BBA) representative Pokello Nare returns home today to a mounting storm about her “nude” antics after a Facebook leak of shocking BBA house shower-hour pictures.

Although the series of shots also includes other contestants, the furore has also invoked memories of the stunning beauty’s 2011 sex tape with her muso boyfriend Desmond Chideme and ex-United Kingdom BB star Makosi Msambasi’s own stint in the reality show.

Under the social networking site “titled “The ‘Official’ Big Brother Fan Page for Shower Hour & Nude Videos”, several BBA contestants are seen in nudity. 

Pictures of controversial Zimbabwean fashion icon Pokello and that of Zambian Cleo got much wider publicity than those of the other contestants.

The Zimbabwean fashionista was captured several times on her own and with her Ghanaian lover Elikem.

Hakeem Mandaza, Zimbabwe’s other BBA representative who was booted out of the reality show in early July, was also captured during shower hour in an erotic moment with Cleo in the bath tub.

In some of the videos, Hakeem and Cleo are caught on camera in what appears to be a real sexual act.

During the initial editions of BBA, the Shower Hour was not hidden from the public which allowed interested viewers to patiently wait to see their favourite housemates bathing late at night.

After a public outcry from some viewers who deemed Shower Hour immoral, Big Brother removed it from the main BBA channels on the DStv, and put it on the BBA website where it can be accessed for a fee.

Viewers keen to access Shower Hour have to sign up to a special service named BBA VIP which allows them to watch their favourite housemates bathing naked.

For a one-off fee of $8, DStv subscribers can access footage of nude housemates during Shower Hour, evicted housemates interviews and backstage interviews of artists who perform at the BBA show.

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Zimbabwe’s evicted BBA contestants Pokello and Hakeem went onto Africa’s most popular reality show gunning for the $300 000 grand prize, but both came out minus the big fat cheque with love instead.

Pokello even had the audacity to dump Stunner on international television.

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