Mukundu celebrates silver jubilee in showbiz


HARARE – Seasoned guitarist and producer Clive “Mono” Mukundu has released a 10-track album to celebrate 25 years in music.

Titled Chronicles of The Rough Journey, the album ?reflects on the highs and lows of the 43-year-old former Oliver Mtukudzi guitarist’s quarter of a century in music.

“The music on this album brings out so many memories and emotions. This is one of my very personal albums; one of those albums an artiste does for himself,” said the veteran producer.

“The message on the songs chronicles true stories of the struggles I went through in this industry. I am one artiste whose career has been full of struggles.

“Every little gain I made never came easy; many of my friends I started with gave up. It was difficult for them to carry on with the struggle when it seemed everyone was ignoring our creativity,” said Mukundu.

The veteran musician says his greatest hurdle was a father who was opposed to his career choice.

“Each time I was seen holding any form of instrument by my father, the end result was corporal punishment. I managed to stand my ground despite my father’s lack of support.

“At the age of nine I made myself a homemade tin guitar which I played in private,” he said.

Mukundu revealed to the Daily News his early flirtations with reggae music.

“I was so much into reggae music when I discovered my song-writing talent hence the first 200 of the songs I wrote between 1984 and 1988 were all reggae.

“Originally I wanted to be a reggae musician, but in 1988 when I decided to form my first band I decided to change to a local type of music and that marked the beginning of my journey into guitar-driven, mbira inspired traditional Zimbabwean music.”

The respected producer has included eight reggae tracks on the 10-track silver jubilee album.

“So in celebrating 25 years in the music business, I went back to that tattered first old song book of mine and picked eight reggae songs to record for the anniversary album. The riddims and melodies are exactly the same way they sounded in my head back in the 80s as I footed to and from school,” he said.

Songs on the album include When The Music Stopped, No Plan, Hakusi Kungwara, Kwa Nyamanhindi, Moving On, Zvainyadzisa, I’m Still Standing, Blessed, Hatina Plan B (dub) and I’m Still Standing (dub).

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