Mic Inity ups the ante


HARARE – No local reggae artiste can rightly claim to be the king of Zimbabwean reggae more than 30-year old Mike ‘Mic Inity’ Madamombe.

The former Transit Crew lead singer, who has three albums under his belt, has developed over time to become the country’s top reggae performer.

His regular weekly shows at the Book Café and the Red Fox Hotel have become the must-attend gigs for Harare’s reggae followers.

Peerless Mic Inity appears even more determined to increase the gap between him and the rest of the chasing pack.

The Marondera-born reggae star has just completed an exceptional album which was recorded in Jamaica, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Some tracks on the ten-track album titled Just Reggae-My Journey -the Zimbabwe reggae king’s fourth album –were produced by Caveman Manning who is also Sizzla’s producer.

Mic Inity, who is also working on a dancehall album, believes his soon-to-be-released albums will demonstrate his undoubted maturity and international class.

“I am working on the reggae album Just Reggae-My Journey to be released this month end and a dancehall which will be launched sometime August. I want to cater for both reggae and dancehall fans,” he said.

Mic Inity has since released one of the tracks on the album-Goodness Shall Pay which features Jah Dimension from the Carribean Virgin Islands.

“I took my time to do this album because I want proper quality. I was not impressed by the sound quality of my first three albums that is why I decided to make the best out of my music starting with my fourth album.

He is confident that the new album is pure international class.

“I managed to do collaboration with Jah Dimension when he came around about a month ago. It’s a good one and people seem to be falling in love with it. The song encourages people to do good because it pays,” he said.

Just Reggae-My Journey reflects on Mic Inity’s experiences throughout his music career and touches on various social issues.

“Raiders of the Arch basically talks about how some people in high places take advantage and mislead the poor. It also takes us back to our history and revisits the way whites used to treat the black man.

“Touch You There is a love song I did for my wife while I was in Jamaica. Other tracks include Militant, Thank You Jah, War and Violence, It a Go Dread featuring Guspy Warrior, Burn Dem and Reggae Music So Nice," he said.

Mic Inity is delighted with the contribution of his new eight-piece band Red Radicals particularly the sizzling vocals of Nadine Brown.

“Mentoring Nadine has been great and I could say she is the one of best female reggae artistes that I have ever worked with,” he said.

The Marondera-born star says deliberately avoided many collaborations on the soon-to –be-released album.

“Because this album is my journey I did not involve many artistes. I am telling my story, describing the trials and tribulations that I have faced in the music industry,” added Mic Inity.

The father of four, who is a fan of Bob Marley, Sizzla Kalonji, Buju Banton and Luciano, has heaped praise on local dancehall.

“Local dancehall is doing good as I see it especially the Zimdancehall the youths have introduced because it’s giving us identity as reggae artistes,”said the reggae star.

Mic Inity, who regards Zimbabwean dancehall stars King Shaddy and Guspy Warrior very highly, however, believes more can still be done.

“They need to change the lyrical content in the songs because most of the tunes have no positive message for the youths .It is all about bragging and dissing hence so much rivalry amongst the youths yet reggae music is about love and unity.”

The Marondera-born reggae star, who was introduced to reggae by his father as a while still at primary school, says he is a bona fide Rastafarian.

‘I am a true Rastafarian and I haven’t eaten meat for the past seven years,” claims Mic Inity.

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