MDC official seeks protection from wife


HARARE – An official in Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC has sought a protection order against his wife whom, he alleges, bashes him.

Ellard Sauka told the court that he could not report assault and physical abuse perpetrated against him by his wife Hilda Kasinamunda because of the nature of his job.

“He is a political figure and could not report the cases of violence to the police,” Sauka’s lawyer said.

“It is difficult for him to live in the same house as respondent because she allegedly tried to poison his food at some point.

“She has assaulted him before and once put sugar in his car’s petrol tank — a move that could result in his harm or property.

“I will advise that this court grant a protection order in favour of Sauka because incidences of violence being perpetrated against him are clear.”

Kasinamunda denied the allegations and told the court that Sauka was trying to counter a protection order that she obtained against him last month.

“He is just bitter that I managed to secure a protection order against him recently. I never intended to poison him and we all ate the same stale food only to start hearing his relatives saying that I had poisoned him,” Kasinamunda said.

“Since he served me summons, he has not returned home and I am not even aware of his whereabouts.”

Kasinamunda denied ever assaulting Sauka and said she had suffered physical, emotional and verbal abuse from him.

“We started having problems when he started bringing girlfriends to our home,” she said.

“We started sleeping in separate bedrooms since 2011.

“He told the kids that there is going to be bloodshed if we do not vacate the house. I have actually moved my children from the house. He now claims he built the house with his wife,” Kasinamunda told the court.

“When I made the latest report to the police, he had assaulted me and dragged me outside to the garage.

“He then ordered the maid to pack my belongings and instructed the garden boy not to allow me access to the house.”

Magistrate Tatenda Manhanzva will rule on the matter on Wednesday.

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