‘People fed up with Zanu PF’


HARARE – The Daily News writer Wendy Muperi, (WM) this week spoke with MDC’s Seke Rural Ward One candidate, Cosmas Kabuya, (CK) who is standing against Zanu PF’s Tirivanhu Chitsvatsva.Below are some of the excerpts from the interview.

WM: Who is Cosmas Kabuya?

CK: I was born in Seke in 1975 and attended Besa Primary and Mandedza High School respectively.

WM: What qualifications do you hold?

CK: I hold four Diplomas — in Theology, Electrical Engineering, Business Management and Computers. I am into electronics as in line with what I learnt. I run a company called Africa’s Best Cell Phone Repairs where I repair computers and phones.

WM: What is your political history?

CK: I am the youngest candidate to contest as a councillor in this ward. I started politics soon after completing my Ordinary levels. In 1995 I actually contested — on a Zanu PF ticket — against suspended councillor Clever Manhombo (Manhombo was suspended in 2010 after demolishing nine villagers’ houses).

I followed political developments closely from a tender age, even when I was still in school.

People were constantly losing their homes, the chaotic land reform programme and economic downturn are some of the things that made me leave Zanu PF for MDC.

The policies of the liberation party proved to be in contrary with what I believed in.

Thank God the MDC came onto the scene.

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WM: What are your selling points?

CK: Many people from this ward have lost or live in fear of losing their homes and some are constantly called squatters regardless of the fact that they have been here all their lives.

Zanu PF elements in council have just been confiscating people’s land without compensation.

I would want to make sure the existing laws on people’s properties are upheld and refined to make sure that no one will be able to do that.

This ward is unbelievably underdeveloped considering its proximity to Chitungwiza and Harare.

There is only one and dilapidated primary school where I learnt.

The school, though electrified, does not have computers like same in other constituencies. We need a clinic here to reduce the distance travelled to Jonas and mostly Dema.

We have a campfire in Mayambara which has been lying idle for long; it could be used to create employment for our people especially  the youths here. Right now they are depending on brick moulding while their certificates gather dust.

There is Guzha Market; it is a crucial place that is crying for upgrading considering that market gardening is a major income generating activity for the community.

The ward also has many dysfunctional boreholes and dip tanks, human beings and livestock greatly rely on the proficiency of these two.

WM: What are your chances of winning in a Zanu PF stronghold?

CK: This ward on its own has never been won by MDC historically, but I believe I will win.

The numbers are impressive each time I convene a meeting and the people come freely without being forced.

Their desire to change the situation is so strong and MDC happens to be the party people believe will fulfil their expectations.

People are fed up with Zanu PF.

Though Zanu PF contenders have been working with some village heads in collecting voter registration slips from first time voters as a way of intimidating them, people are insisting they will not be cowed.

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