Mugabe still fit to lead — Grace


HARARE – Firstly Lady Grace Mugabe has leapt to the defence of her husband President Robert Mugabe’s 33-year-old reign saying at 89, the Zanu PF leader deserves another five-year term.

Addressing a campaign rally in Marondera this week, 47-year-old Grace said Mugabe, who is seeking to extend his 33-year-old rule on July 31, is still fit to turnaround the country’s economy.

Pointing to Israel’s 90-year-old President Shimon Peres, Grace said the West wanted to effect a regime change in Zimbabwe.

“MaAmericans nemaBritish vari deceitful, recently, George Bush akaenda kuno celebrator birthday raPeres who is 90 years (The Americans and Britons are very deceitful but they want our president Mugabe to go why? That will not happen, I can tell you this.

“Tsvangirai (Morgan) will never be the president of Zimbabwe,” she said.

Unlike Mugabe who has been at the helm since the attainment of independence from Britain in 1980, Peres despite his advanced stage only came to power in 2007.

Besides, Grace conveniently forgot that Peres is a ceremonial president.

Resorting to her mudslinging game — Grace launched a scathing vitriol attack at her husband’s political rival Tsvangirai — saying the MDC leader is not worth any normal person’s vote not least because of his physical appearance.

She said Tsvangirai courted over 100 women before he settled for his customary wife Elizabeth Macheka and is therefore not a worthy leader.

“In these days of HIV/Aids, we have a grown up man like Tsvangirai moving around sleeping with every woman he comes across on the pretext that he is choosing a partner, how can we have a leader of loose morals like that? He is not principled,” she said.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka however, said, “Of all the people, Grace Mugabe is not qualified to comment on the prime minister’s morals because she destroyed the marriage of an otherwise honourable First Lady (Mugabe’s first wife Sally) that we had.

“The only philanderer the Prime Minister knows of is a president who fell in love with his secretary while his legitimate wife was dying of a kidney ailment.”

Mugabe married Grace after the death of his first wife, Sally and he recently disclosed in an interview with a South African television that he fell in love with Grace while his first wife was on her deathbed.
Actually, he had children with Grace before Sally died.


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