Mudede faces fresh hurdle


HARARE – Human rights lawyers have delivered a formal notification and warning for Tobaiwa Tonneth Mudede, the Registrar General of Voters to withdraw his urgent chamber application barring the Research and Advocacy Unit (Rau) from launching an audit of the voters’ roll.

Mudede on Wednesday obtained an interim order interdicting Rau from launching “a full voters’ roll” at Crowne Plaza Monomotapa Hotel in Harare or at any other place.

In a letter written and delivered to Mudede’s lawyers, Thondlanga and Associates Legal Practitioners by Rau lawyers, Jeremiah Bamu and Tawanda Zhuwarara of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Mudede’s application and subsequent provisional order, which he obtained from High Court judge Justice Joseph Mafusire were based on a factual inaccuracy.

The lawyers stated that Mudede’s lawyers were furnished with the correct facts and a demand was made for the withdrawal of their matter.

The Rau lawyers said in the event that the matter is not withdrawn by Wednesday, they will file their opposing papers.

The lawyers said Mudede had relied on an erroneous appreciation of facts which he never bothered to cross check with Rau.

Bamu and Zhuwarara said had Mudede bothered to do so, there would have been no need for the application to be filed or served.

Rau, the lawyers said, intended to launch its second report on an audit of the June 2013 voters’ roll, which expands on a previous Rau report and provides a more detailed analysis of the roll and corrects a number of minor errors.

Rau’s first report was launched and shared with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), the lawful custodians of the voters’ roll who made their comments to the report.


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