Free Mugabe from fear — Makoni


BULAWAYO – President Robert Mugabe and his party Zanu PF are constantly living in the fear they created for themselves since assuming power in 1980, former politburo member, Simba Makoni has said.

The Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn president aired these sentiments during an MDC rally held at White City Stadium on Saturday.

Makoni told tens of thousands of MDC supporters that the July 31 watershed elections were about casting the “demon of fear” amongst Zimbabweans as well as Zanu PF and its leader.

“The problem is we are living in fear, some of you are still living in the Rhodesian era which was filled with fear and that has continued in the new Zimbabwe. There is no freedom at all,” Makoni said.

“Even president Mugabe himself is afraid. This is the reason why he has constantly made it clear that he is not leaving. This year we are saying one of our major targets is of ending fear and to free Mugabe from fear which has become part of his daily life”.

The former Finance minister who recently entered into a pact with the MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai and Reketai Semwayo (Zanu Ndonga) said the reason why the three political parties came together was to foster a new beginning for a country that has been ruined by fellow blacks.

Makoni said one of the coalition’s major targets was to free even Zanu PF members who are still living in fear.

“We are inviting mostly those who are in Zanu PF who want change but are afraid to come out in the open. Some of whom I know always say Simba we support you but we cannot move out because we are afraid, so we want to free them as well,” Makoni added.

The MKD leader said he was confident the coalition would get rid of Zanu PF which discriminates people on the basis of war credentials, race and tribe.

“Since 2008 we realised that had we come into a coalition at a time we could have crossed.

“So we agreed that this time around under whatever circumstances, we will win,” he said to a vociferous response from the crowd.

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