Villagers barred from MDC rally


MASVINGO – Chief Fortune Charumbira, president of the Chief’s council, has instructed headmen and village heads to bar villagers from attending MDC Masvingo West candidate Takanayi Mureyi’s rallies in his constituency.

Addressing thousands of party supporters at Charumbira Shopping Centre, a few kilometres from the chief’s homestead, Mureyi lambasted Charumbira for violating the new constitution that bars traditional leaders from meddling in politics.

“MDC is not happy with what is happening in this constituency,” he said.

“The leader of traditional chiefs has ordered all village heads to call for meetings to tell you that do not attend our rally today or else you will be sacked from the village.

“I want to tell you that Charumbira is not allowed to meddle in politics and tell you which political party to attend rallies, he actually has no power and even the village heads to sack you from the village for supporting or attending our rallies.

“Do not be afraid of Charumbira he is just a toothless bulldog who wants to abuse his traditional leader position,” said Mureyi.

When the Daily News crew arrived in Charumbira, village heads had convened meetings with their subjects accompanied by Zanu PF ward leaders in a bid to keep people away from the MDC rally.

However, thousands of villagers defied the chief  and attended Mureyi’s rally that had to be moved from 12pm to 3pm.

Mureyi said he had alerted Sadc observers in the province to take note of the interference by Charumbira and his traditional leaders.

Charumbira was unreachable for comment.

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