US-based miner commences Zim ops


HARARE – United States-based firm Mabwe Minerals Incorporation (MMI) says it has commenced barite and limestone production at its Dodge Mine in Zimbabwe.

The mining company  announced this week that the Environmental Management Agency (Ema) has completed certification of Mabwe Minerals’ Dodge Mine and issued the required permit to immediately begin mining operations.

With this milestone accomplished, Mabwe Minerals’ mining & construction partner, WGB Kinsey and Company, is now on site building long-term infrastructure and shaping the open pit.

The company anticipates beginning barite and limestone production this month.

According to MMI Barite revenue is expected this quarter as the company begins staging qualification lots sorted by barite type for review by Steinbock Minerals ? MMI’s pending strategic partner ? who specialises in the distribution of industrial minerals.

Together with pending strategic partner Yasheya Limited, who specialises in the shipment of industrial minerals, Mabwe Minerals is well-positioned to support multiple customer requirements in Europe and the Middle-East.

In addition, MMI is ideally positioned to support the growing oil and gas drilling fluids sector demands off the coast of Mozambique and South Africa.

Dean Harrison, Director of Mabwe Minerals Zimbabwe (Private) Limited said with strong local demand for limestone, the company was setting up a sales office at Dodge Mine to support local buyers.

Limestone is used as a key ingredient in cement and as a fertiliser in agricultural applications.

“We have already qualified our limestone with one of the largest cement companies in the Harare District with growing demand for qualification samples for use in agricultural applications,” he said.

Securing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) permit is a material event in that MMI has now firmly established itself as a viable foreign investment company in the mining sector who, as an early adopter, has established compliant indigenous Zimbabwe companies.

Along with its indigenous partners, the natural resources and hard asset company has completed every step of the process required by the Mining Commission from securing the Dodge Mine Certificate of Registration demonstrating ownership of Dodge Mine blocks one to six to securing the EIA permit allowing immediate access to the property to commence mining operations.

“The EIA represents the  accumulation of 18 months of hard work on behalf of our shareholders, which has resulted in acquiring Dodge Mine and WGB Kinsey & Company ownership, as well as building key strategic partnerships with PHI Commodities, Steinbock Minerals and Yasheya.

“We are very pleased to inform our shareholders that Dodge Mine is open for business,” said Al Pietrangelo, MIM president and chief executive.

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