High Court stops launch of voters’ roll critique


HARARE – High Court judge Justice Joseph Mafusire yesterday interdicted the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU) from launching and publicising a critique of the voters’ roll.

The interdict came after Tobaiwa Mudede, the Registrar-General of Voters filed an urgent chamber application on Tuesday seeking an order barring RAU from launching its analysis of the voters’ roll.

Mudede argued that RAU was trying to assume powers which the Constitution gives to his office and intended to cause chaos and anarchy within “our electoral system.”

“The first respondent (RAU) or any of its agents or its representatives or its associates are interdicted from launching and or publication of the voters rolls at the second respondents (Crowne Plaza) premises or any other place,” Justice Mafusire ruled.

RAU said the interdict was based on a misconception that they wanted to launch a voters’ roll when in fact they wanted to launch an analysis of the voters’ register.

“Instead of proceeding by way of an application interdicting us from launching our report, it would have taken a simple phone call from the Registrar General’s office to confirm that what we intended to launch was a report based on the roll and not the roll itself,” Rau said in a statement.

The initial report stated that at least two million people between 18 and 30 were not registered voters yet there were one million people who are either deceased or departed who were still on the voters’ roll.

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