Grandfather pimps grand-daughter


HARARE – A 37-year-old man who pried on a 13 year-old girl with the promise of wanting to marry her and pay her school fees has been sentenced to 13 years for rape.

Petros Dengu was found guilty of rape after he told the minor’s grandfather that he would fend for all her financial needs.

The court heard that on February 7 this year, the girl was fast asleep when her grandfather ordered her to open the door for Dengu.

Dengu entered into the house with the girl’s father where he offered to pay her school fees and also promised to marry her.

It is the state’s case that the girl’s grandfather went to sleep leaving the two together.

Prosecutor Rufaro Mhandu-Muderede said the minor asked Dengu to leave but he refused and pulled her closer and went on to rape the minor in her own house.

After excusing the girl, she went to her brothers’ bedroom where she later revealed to her sibling that she had been raped.

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