Zanu PF confident of victory


HARARE – As the country prepares for the “do-or-die” poll on July 31, Zanu PF supporters in Mashonaland East Province are targeting nothing but victory.

On the sidelines of a rally addressed by President Robert Mugabe in Marondera on Monday, the Daily News team consisting of Wendy Muperi and Xolisani Ncube spoke to party supporters about the forthcoming vote.

Maidah Chimanya, 40

I believe Zanu PF will trounce MDC in the impending election.

Our candidate for Marondera Central, Ray Kaukonde will win against Ian Kay because of his renewed relationship with the people of Marondera and his straight forwardness.

We expect that Kaukonde will bring development and unity in Marondera.

Koreas Sixpence Tomboriro, 60

President Robert Mugabe will give an end to the Government of National Unity (GNU). We will win the election with a thud.

Our parliamentary candidate comrade Kaukonde’s personality has striking resemblances with President Mugabe himself.

He is brave, consistent and honest.

We expect that our constituency will develop much better than in the past because he is also keen on implementing what he says.

Before the inclusive government, people were lied to and their expectations were not fulfilled. As we talk to people, they are saying it is better to vote for our party, the tried and tested Zanu PF.

Ruth Gavhu, 61

This year, the comeback of Ray Kaukonde is much welcome because he is a respectable man.

I believe with candidates of repute like him and President Mugabe, victory is certain. The few seats that had been taken by MDC are coming back to Zanu PF after election.

We want electricity. For example Garikai, he has already promised to install electricity and develop road infrastructure. All I ask is for him to remain true to his promises.

Joyce Nyakutsvenda, 57 Zanu PF will win because patirikupfuura napo tatopfuura napo zvachose. Robert Mugabe ndiye anotopinda hamusikuonawo chaunga ichi.

I am certain because I am part of the mobilising team, when we pass through a place; we make sure we weed thoroughly.

I am a war collaborator. I expect Kaukonde to remember us as contributors to the independence of Zimbabwe.

In terms of council, we expect Kaukonde to work with councillors who are going to come in and ensure that people do not lose their houses to cumulative council debts.

As council employees, we have days when we do not get paid and we are starving whilst we are working. Zvinondirwadza.

Ever Chimedza, 49.

If I also look at it as a war collaborator, I can see we have gone back to 1980 and the party will win with a very huge margin, from the council to the president all of our candidates will win with a thud.

On Kaukonde, even MDC supporters in this constituency actually love this man and are saying they will vote for him and Mugabe because they are organised leaders.

I would want our MP to treat everyone equally. He said he does not want gossip and I want him to remain like that when he gets into Parliament.

Council water should be safe and he should stop the summons troubling the elderly. As collaborators we have tried unsuccessfully to block the summons.

Clara Hove, 53

This is the time for Zanu PF. I strongly believe that the party’s parliamentary candidate will win because he was once our governor and he did well.

He is still a man after the people’s hearts just like the president.

Farai Mukava, 27

The person who we are working with, Kaukonde is a well-known person in Mashonaland East Province and he is strong enough.

There will not be another inclusive government, it will be Zanu PF alone and therefore development will be certain, our candidates will have no excuses.

We want jobs, opening up of closed industries, safe drinking water and decent housing for the young.

The other thing I would want from our party is for them to make a record for Zanu PF households in the constituency.

The actual numbers of people who vote per household should be recorded before election so that when we go for elections we compare the outcome.

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