Winter Beer Festival returns


HARARE – The annual Winter Beer Festival returns to Harare’s City Sports Bar this Saturday, July 20 with lots of beer up for grabs.

And it will likely turn out to be a night of drink for those lucky ones.

More than 10 DJs are lined-up for the beer festival and each will bring a fresh sound to the all-night party — among them Storm, Joe Mentro, Cables, Stone, Sammy Benz, Zee, Ohmn and Nash.

Harareans are known to enjoy their beer and judging from the past events, City Sports Bar will indeed vibrate to disco sounds which will punch in the drink and set revellers on a whirlwind spin for the better part of the night.

A spokesperson for the festival said all is set for the weekend festival that is designed to chase away the wintry season.

“As we enjoy the winter season, we will be celebrating with our audience and there is no way of doing that than with a beer festival. The festival usually takes place this time of the year where we celebrate disco music with a lot of prizes — only beer crates will be won as prizes, so a win means an all-night with drinks.”

The spokesperson said City Sports Bar will also hold a Miss Winter pageant on July 26.

“We plan to hold the Miss Winter pageant very soon and we are happy with the logistics so far. Pole dancer Zoey will grace the pageant.”

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