Pokello skates on thin ice


HARARE – Ruby Housemates want Pokello and her man Elikem out of Big Brother The Chase and they want them out now, if Monday's nominations are anything to go by.

The Ruby lovebirds received the highest number of nominations from their fellow Chasemates.

Unsurprisingly, as has become the norm over the past weeks, boss lady Pokello led the pack with four nominations.

It would have been a nomination shocker if the Zimbabwean had not made it on the list.

Her lover Elikem trailed closely behind her with three Nominations.

Interestingly Pokello and Feza both nominated each other even though the two ladies called a truce this past Saturday.

It looks like their peace pact was not strong enough to stop them from throwing the Eviction dagger each other's way.

Feza and her man Oneal both put up Elikem for possible Eviction. The Tanzanian lass said it was because she feels that the Ghanaian cannot be trusted.

Curiously Pokello and Cleo also nominated each other because each wanted to see how strong of a contender the other is.

When the Head of the Ruby House, Sulu, went into the Diary Room and was asked who he’s save and swap, he opted to save his pal Elikem and swapped him with South Africa’s dance choreographer Angelo.

In the Diamond House, Head of House Bimp who had been Nominated as well opted to save himself and threw Bassey under the bus.

So this means Angelo, Annabel, Bassey, Dillish and Pokello are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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