Hexagon donates to Total Football Academy


HARARE – Hexagon Sports Management continued their partnership with local sports and on Sunday Total Football Academy became latest beneficiaries after receiving soccer balls and bibs.

The academy which is based in the high density suburb of Warren Park got 20 footballs and 40 bibs.

It was not the first time Hexagon has assisted a local academy after a similar gesture this year went to Eastlea Academy in April.

Hexagon Sports Management, managing director, Charles Chirapura said they want to make a difference by providing necessary resources for the nurturing of young talent.

“We have said it at the beginning of the year that we will be donating football equipment to some underprivileged academies,” Chirapura told reporters.

“And we will continue with this exercise throughout the year.

“We will be donating accordingly and hopefully more people will jump in as we try and develop football at grass roots.

“We have donated to Total Football for now but we are also going to donate to other academies as well.

“We discovered we have so much talent in Zimbabwe but the challenge lies on sponsorship to nurture these youngsters.

“We know it’s not enough but at least for a start we felt it will help somehow. We are looking forward to have more of these donations.”

The academy’s treasurer, Tatenda Madzingo said: “This is an important gesture from Hexagon and I really appreciate it when the corporate world comes in to support us in our endeavour to develop grassroots football.

“We are trying to rebuild from the grassroots.

“And from the look of things, this academy is set to grow bigger especially now that the corporate world starts to recognise us.

“We are encouraging more from the corporate world to do likewise. If more people jump in to sponsor then we can have a bright future even for our national team.”

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