Byo man dies in satellite dish theft attempt


BULAWAYO – A Bulawayo man fell to his death on Thursday night when neighbours raised alarm while he was trying to steal a satellite dish from a rooftop in Nketa 9 suburb.

Brighton Moyo, 23, slipped as he tried to unhinge the dish.

House owner Vitalis Rutsate told the Daily News that was watching television when the signal went off.

He heard strange sounds from his roof top before dashing out to find out what was happening and was shocked to find a dead man in his yard in the middle of the night.

“I heard a loud thump on the ground outside my house. When I went to check what was happening I found a dead man on the ground with a set of tools beside him and people standing by my gate,” a shocked Rutsate said.

Neighbours had earlier spotted a man on the roof top trying to unscrew the satellite dish and raised the alert which startled the intruder.

When Moyo fell, residents flocked to Rutsate’s house to witness the incident.

Brian Wendumba expressed no sympathy for the deceased.

“Why would someone try to steal a satellite dish when most channels like SABC have been scrambled?” Wendumba asked.

Rutsate’s family was also shocked to see the intruder lying lifelessly in their yard.

His wife Esther did not seem moved by Moyo’s death as she was bitter following  a series of robbery attempts at their house.

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“He is better off dead because we do not need such kind of people in our community,” an onlooker Kudakwashe Zhou said.

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