Tsvangirai makes job poll pitch


HARARE – Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said yesterday at a rally in Kariba, job creation will be high on the agenda of an MDC government after winning the July 31 elections.

The Kariba rally attracted thousands despite attempts by the police and the Zanu PF militia to block people from attending.

“The next MDC government will revive the agriculture sector which was destroyed by the Zanu PF government, revive the mining sector and bring accountability in the selling of the countries’ minerals,” Tsvangirai said.

“In the process of rebuilding the country, there will be the creation of more jobs.

“Our policy on the social sector, the government should care for the elderly, orphans and widows. To do this, the MDC will create a fund that caters for the vulnerable groups while we will create free treatment centres for those suffering from terminal illness such as cancer and HIV/Aids.”

Describing the forthcoming vote as “watershed”, he said: “It is not only a transitional election but a generational election and the MDC as the people’s choice will win it basing on how well the party has performed in the inclusive government.

“The elections will be between the past and the future and it is a choice between the old and the young. Modern politics is not about hate speech or hurling insults at each other, it is about articulating issues that benefit the people.

“Robert Mugabe has nothing to offer but hate language and violence to the people, it is about articulating issues that benefit the people.”

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka, reacting to comments by First Lady Grace Mugabe that Tsvangirai was a man of loose morals, “ugly” and unelectable, said: “Of all the people, Grace Mugabe is not qualified to comment on the prime minister’s morals because she destroyed the marriage of an otherwise honourable First Lady that we had. The only philanderer the prime minister knows of is a president who fell in love with his secretary while his legitimate wife was dying of a kidney ailment.”

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai said Zanu PF has been pursuing disruptive policies such as indigenisation and land reform.

“While Zanu PF is talking about the return of the Zimbabwe dollar, the people of Zimbabwe know that it is untenable at the moment,” he said.

“However, the MDC has a plan to return Zimbabwe to a better future for the people.”

MDC secretary-general, Tendai Biti said the July 31 election will put an end to 33 years of Zanu PF’s misrule, corruption and lack vision.

“Governance means a leadership that has love for the people,” Biti said.

“The MDC’s love for the people can be seen by its record in the inclusive government. The very reason while the MDC formed the inclusive government was to serve the lives of the people from the total destruction of Zanu PF. People should not forget the suffering they went through in 2008.”

After the Kariba rally, Tsvangirai moved to Magunje in Karoi where he addressed thousands of other party supporters in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Welshman Ncube yesterday launched his campaign in Chikomba in Mashonaland East Province accompanied with his coalition partner Dumiso Dabengwa of Zapu. He said he is poised for victory and those wishing to vote for Zanu PF and its leader or prime minister Tsvangirai, will be taking back the country into calamity.

“We want a government that has zero tolerance for corruption, and Mugabe has failed to deliver on that,” Ncube said.

Ncube added that Mugabe has nothing to offer in the near future as he has passed his sell-by date.

“What do you think Mugabe will do now which he did not do for you in the past 33 years? We are not against Mugabe, we don’t hate him but we want the future of this country which is clear,” he said.

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