Mash Eagles pay workers $23


HARAE – The  country’s biggest cricket franchise, Mashonaland Eagles paid its workers a salary of only $23 over the last two months.

The Mash Eagles workers, who had last got their full salaries in March, got the shock of their lives when they received the meagre payments last week.

In a country were the poverty datum line stands at above $500, the franchise’s employees are now finding it had to make ends meet on such salaries.

The workers, who include development coaches, office orderlies and ground staff, have already braved a 50 percent salary cut as they are now only working two weeks a month.

“We understand things are not well for ZC but we expected them to show a bit of concern considering that we have gone for two months without salary,” said one Mash Eagles employee, who requested anonymity.

“There’s totally nothing that we can do with this amount which is not even enough to cover for a week’s supply of the most basic needs.

“We hope there was an error somewhere and the management will come to our rescue soon.”

Mashonaland Eagles CEO, Vimbai Mapukute, confirmed that the situation is not rosy for the Harare-based franchise.

“We are currently off-season and it may have been true that they (employees) were given those amounts but it’s not a full salary,” Mapukute told the Daily News.

“It is not a secret that ZC is going through a lean financial phase just like everybody else. I’m sure what they were paid was commensurate with the work they have done during this off-season period.

“We know that we are still behind by a month with regards to employee salaries that we hope to clear once the season resumes in September.”

Meanwhile, the ZC board and delegates were confronted by the glaring reality on the ground during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Harare Sports Club last week.

The ZC offices at HSC were switched off by the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company for none payment of bills.

In the end, ZC delegates for the AGM had to be served with tea and coffee brewed using electricity from a bar which is also based at the premises.

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