Gospel musician pays tribute to the Charambas


HARARE – Rising gospel musician Tracy Pfumai is delighted with the way she has evolved from a mere curtain raiser for Charles Charamba’s shows to a recognisable star with a fairly big following.

The gospel star, whose debut album was Simba Remweya Mutsvene released in 2007, is grateful to Pastor Charamba and his wife for mentoring her.

“Curtain-raising for the Charambas at their live shows gave me the platform to blossom,” said Pfumai.

“They (the Charambas) are a great inspiration to me because of the great work they have done on Zimbabwe’s gospel scene.

The NaJesu Zvinogoneka singer credits the Charambas for inspiring her to create biblically-inspired songs.

“All my gospel songs aim to motivate people to remain faithful to God. My debut album Simba Remweya Mutsvene encourages people to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit whenever they face difficult situations.

“I made the album NaJesu Zvinogoneka in 2009 with the aim of underscoring the popular biblical adage: With God nothing is impossible,” added the rising gospel star.

Pfumai, who has just released her third album titled Deliverance, says she also owes her success to the support she has been receiving from her ever-growing fan base and local broadcasting stations.

“From the first album to date, the airplay and support has been great. Songs on the new album are already being played regularly on most local radio stations.

“I have recorded with Gramma Records throughout my career and am glad because they have always made sure we produce quality music,” added the gospel star who is a member of the United Family International Church (UFIC).

Pfumai’s latest six-track album features plug tracks such as Padiwa NaJesu, Endaiwo Neni and Hazvingatitadzise.

“Most of the songs on Deliverance carry inspirational messages. Padiwa naJesu encourages people to always remember God is the sole provider of lasting solutions. Endaiwo Neni is a prayer for God’s guidance while Hazvingatitadzise is a motivational song.”

Pfumai has advised gospel musicians to be more creative if they want to remain competitive against other music genres.

“Gospel musicians should strive to improve. Some people wrongly believe that gospel music is supposed to be dull and unimaginative but I am convinced that should not be the case.”

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