Bev working on debut album


HARARE – Sexy and controversial pole dancer Beverly Sibanda aka Bev never ceases to amaze as she is always brewing something exciting for her multitudes of adoring fans.

The sexy pole dancer is in the studio recording her debut album! Yes, she is recording music, more slanted to South African “di-gong.”

While everything is still under wraps for the project, Bev’s manager Harpers Mapimhidze confirmed that the pole dancer will be releasing an album soon.

“It is a project in the pipeline; she has been in the studio working on something. I cannot reveal much at the moment as she is working with her producer,” said Harpers

Over the years Bev and her dancing girls have been using backup music for their choreography, most of which is sungura.

In releasing her own music, the diva aims to kill two birds with one stone and she will have the fun to dance to her own music.

Efforts to get a comment from Bev proved fruitless yesterday as she was busy in the recording studio.

Indeed Bev is some item. From the juicy love affair stories involving music and football stars to being arrested and dancing for police officerss, Bev has all the characteristics of an entertaining script.

Since she burst onto the pole dancing circuit, the brunette has sent tongues wagging as her erotic dances appear too heavy and steamy for a traditional society like we have in Zimbabwe.

There are others who think Bev has taken her dancing to extremes as she sometimes plays porn with empty or half-full beer bottles.

During her nightclub dance showcases, she routinely picks on ‘‘lucky’’ males from the audience with whom she performs some hard-core stuff — indeed stuff for adults.

In some quarters, women have voiced concern that their men were spending more of their precious family time watching Bev and her Sexy Angels shake their boot.

A fight for space with yet another popular pole dance diva, Zoey surfaced a few months ago, as each claimed to be ‘‘Queen’’ within the local pole dance circuit.

Bev admits grudgingly that Zoey is a good dancer and that her dances are more erotic than hers.

The two will this Sunday rekindle their professional rivalry by putting together a showcase at Harare’s Holly’s Hotel. It promises to be a fight for the most erotic.

In recent memory we have had divas like Vimbai Mutinhiri who straight from the Big Brother house finals in 2012 went to record a single record, Summer of Love.

Vimbai had not been known to sing but took advantage of her stint in the Big Brother house to launch a music career.

While she is not into full time music, Vimbai surprised many with her vocal prowess, releasing a pop/funky single.

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