Artists capture women abuse during election time



HARARE – An insightful exhibition currently on show takes a look at the hardships that many Zimbabwean women go through during election time.

Artists for Democracy in Zimbabwe Trust (ADZT) on Tuesday launched a poignant exhibition about the abuse of women during election time at the Book Cafe in Harare.

The exhibition was curated by female artist Christine Ndoro.

It will be running at the Book Cafe until Friday, July 12, 2013.

Ndoro told the guests at the event that she was inspired by her mother in coming up with the exhibition.

“My mother is my inspiration, she has been my mother and the mother my children,” said Ndoro while making a presentation at Tuesday’s event.

“I want to thank ADZT for believing in me and hope they will extend the same gesture to many other artists and help grow the industry.”

The exhibition takes a look at the hardships that many Zimbabwean women go through during election time. Things such as intimidation, physical harm and sexual rape.

Speaking at the same event, Musasa Project Director Netty Musanhu said the exhibition is a perfect opportunity that gave women of Zimbabwe a voice.

“A lot of women have never had the opportunity to speak about their experiences. Many times we talk about democracy and governance in Zimbabwe but we forget to put a face to these issues. Unfortunately for some of us we cannot avoid not to speak about these issues because we meet these women most of the times,” said Musanhu.

“A lot of you have often said the coming election will be peaceful but I can assure you that even if there is no physical violence women are being intimidated, they may be raped and I can assure you they will not come out in the open.”

The guest of honour at the event, Deputy minister of Women’s Affairs and Community development Jessie Majome said the exhibition was an expression that artists are not just mere entertainers but stakeholders in the fight for democracy in Zimbabwe.

“Art is a very expressive form of communicating. It can communicate things that cannot be explained through words and that is exactly what this exhibition is doing today. It is also encouraging to see artists contributing towards the fight for democracy in Zimbabwe and for that they have to supported by putting dollars to their work,” said Majome.

The event was also attended by veteran artists Tapfuma Gutsa, a legion of young artists and school children.

ADZT plan to take the exhibition on a national and regional tour.

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