MDC delights in Baba Jukwa ratings


HARARE – Secrets-spilling Zanu PF mole Baba Jukwa on Sunday hogged the limelight at the launch of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s manifesto in Marondera, as party supporters demanded more dirty secrets about the ex-majority party.

For a moment, the crowd chanted “Baba Jukwa, Baba Jukwa” drowning out a speech by MDC organising secretary Nelson Chamisa, who went on to thank the faceless social network character for giving Zimbabweans a glimpse into the private lives of top Zanu PF officials.

“I am going to tell you who Baba Jukwa is,” said Chamisa.

There was silence as thousands of people dressed in red waited for the unmasking of a character who has dominated public discussions with a daily blizzard of shocking revelations.

“What I know is that Baba Jukwa is all of us. Go to the Internet and talk to Baba Jukwa. That is where you will find him,” said Chamisa, much to the disappointment of the capacity crowd that filled Rudhaka Stadium.

After cleverly dodging the tricky and awkward question of unmasking Baba Jukwa, Chamisa then gushed praises to the Facebook character, who has rattled Zanu PF to the core with his salacious and precise predictions.

As Chamisa signed off to introduce Tsvangirai just before 3pm, Baba Jukwa posted on his Facebook page and in his archetypal belligerent style, promising to bring more harm and disharmony in Zanu PF, which is facing probably its sternest test in elections since independence in 1980.
“Thanks young man Nelson Chamisa for recognising myself and my team’s effort to bring about a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe,” wrote Baba Jukwa.

“I will relentlessly continue to expose more of what is happening in my party detriment to the dreams of our people.”

Tsvangirai told his supporters that he is eyeing a landslide victory against his old rival President Robert Mugabe — whom he accused of being a trickster.
In return, Baba Jukwa promised to give the MDC leader more ideas in order to end Zanu PF’s 33-year reign.

“In the shortest period of time, I shall give a call to your leader Morgan Tsvangirai for a midnight meeting at my private craven to tell him more tactics of how to defeat my party because havasi kuterera kana tichitaura (they are not taking heed of our warnings),” he said.

“I will only be meeting Tsvangirai alone. This job needs mature people, and very soon I will meet him before the 31st elections date to brief him about some of the plots my party is planning. But bere assured victory is certain.”

Last week, Baba Jukwa carried out an online poll, where participants voted overwhelmingly for Tsvangirai.

With 223 214 followers, analysts have warned Zanu PF not to dismiss Baba Jukwa, who claims to lead a group Vapanduki (Rebels) ready to defend the popular vote.

The group’s comments and revelations have caused anxiety, disgruntlement and raised a lot of questions especially among the current political players.

Using technology, they have released acrid vitriol and caused many to land into a sea of discomfort.

The controversial pre-election frenzy, personified by Baba Jukwa, has even been discussed in the politburo, Zanu PF’s highest decision-making body outside congress.

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