EU pledges over $200m for Zim health, agriculture


HARARE – The European Union (EU) has pledged over $200 million to Zimbabwe for health, agricultural-based economic development, governance and institutional building.

The fund was formally launched on Monday under the second phase of the programming exercise for the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) following the identification of sectors of cooperation between the EU and Zimbabwe.

An indicative allocation between 187 and 234 million Euros (equivalent to $243 and $304 million) will be dedicated to programmes in these identified sectors.

“Within the framework of EU re-engagement with all parties in the Government of National Unity (GNU), the EU Council decided on 23 July2012 to suspend the measures that did not permit to cooperate with the Government of Zimbabwe,” said EU ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia.

“This has allowed the EU to work directly with the GNU to develop new assistance programmes. We have already agreed with the Government the sectors on which EU’s development cooperation should focus. We are now starting to discuss which should be the priorities within each of these sectors.”

The launching event was co-chaired by the national authorising officer, Willard L. Manungo, who is also the secretary for Finance, and by Dell’Ariccia.

The programming process will result in formulation of a National Indicative Plan (NIP) jointly agreed by the EU and the government of Zimbabwe by the October 30, which will contain the main programmes to be implemented under the 11th EDF.

“The government of Zimbabwe acknowledges and appreciates the support that the EU continues to provide towards the achievement of the objectives of poverty eradication and sustainable development in Zimbabwe. We are committed to the programming exercise of the 11thEuropean Development Fund (EDF),” Manungo said.

“The 11th EDF is informed by the national development priorities.”

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