“Feya Feya” campaign targets 10 provinces


HARARE – Pro-democracy organisations are rolling out the recently-launched “Feya-Feya” campaign to the country’s 10 provinces in a three-week crash programme.

Last week at Zengeza 2 Shopping Centre hundreds of Chitungwiza residents enjoyed performances by youthful dancehall singer Guspy Warrior, Jigaz, Dadza D and Syndicate as Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Heal Zimbabwe, ZimRights and Election Resource Centre (ERC) synergised their efforts towards promoting peaceful, free and fair elections.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition coordinator Nixon Nyikadzino said the organisations were raising public awareness as well as lobbying policy makers to create a conducive environment for polls scheduled for July 31.

“It is not a civic society thing but a people’s campaign.

“It is 90 percent the people of Zimbabwe who said they wanted the campaign in a Facebook survey,” said Nyikadzino.

The programme will be launched in all the 10 provinces before election.

“It is going to be an over-drive campaign, we are not resting until elections,” he said referring to the campaign that was launched recently at a meeting attended by 83 civic society organisations in Bulawayo.

“We have plans to go regional, even international, so as to reach every Zimbabwean beyond our borders,” said Nyikadzino announcing the programme’s launch set for South Africa (SA) next week.

SA is estimated to be hosting at least 1,5 million Zimbabweans.

Prominent personalities from different industries are being engaged to convey messages to political leaders and the electorates.

“This is the only way we can sensitise the communities and political parties,” he said.

Heal Zimbabwe Communications and Research manager Sitabile Dewa — through the recently-launched its Wave (Winning Against Violence) campaign — said despite long years of political turmoil, it is still possible to have violence free elections.

“Over the last 30 years, elections in Zimbabwe have been synonymous with violence but we are saying the principals’ call for peace should be followed by action on the ground.

“The recent ruling (Court) guaranteed an election though reforms are not yet fulfilled. As Heal Zimbabwe we believe we can still have elections free of harassment and intimidation,” Dewa said.

She revealed that, off late there has been a shift in forms of violence from physical to mostly harassment and intimidation.

To attract the normally left out youths and women, ZimRights coined catchy names for its respective campaigns “Dat Is Da Vote” and “Tisu Anhu Acho”—targeted at increasing the registration and participation of the two groups in electoral processes.

ERC is running with the X1G focusing on first time voters.

“Feya-Feya” is fast becoming a popular democracy brand in communities as they relate to the lingo very well.

The campaigning will wind up with activities that support protection of the people’s vote and a transition to democracy through constitutional and peaceful transfer of power.

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