ZC retains Mugabe as patron


HARARE – Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) on Friday reappointed President Robert Mugabe as the association’s patron at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the Chairman’s Enclosure at Harare Sports Club.

ZC managing director Wilfred Mukondiwa told the Daily News earlier before the meeting that the association’s agenda is prescribed on the Constitution and comes up for consideration every year.

“The agenda is as per the ZC constitution and the issue of the patron is an agenda item. It is a standing item like all the other items on the agenda that is to say it is considered annually at the AGM,” Mukondiwa said.

“The issue of patron is a standing item on the agenda which comes up for consideration every year. It’s more of confirming or saying that you are due for re-election which does not give the impression that you are being dumped.”

The ZC boss went on to explain the composition of the delegates at the AGM.

“This is a closed meeting for delegates therefore we don’t publicise because it’s not a public meeting,” Mukondiwa added.

Quoting the constitution he said, “The AGM shall be a closed meeting of the delegates and the delegates are the representatives of the provincial cricket associations and each affiliate is allowed two delegates,” he said.

“So from the 10 associations we have 20 delegates and in addition to those delegates you then also have the directors, who do not come from the provinces and these are six of them which brings the membership of the AGM to 20 delegates plus six directors to make it 26.”

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