Zuma advisor stupid, idiotic: Mugabe


HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has come out guns blazing threatening to pull out of Sadc which he says is being influenced by “some stupid and idiotic woman” Lindiwe Zulu.

Mugabe has told a gathering of his supporters at Zimbabwe Grounds during the launch of the Zanu PF election manifesto that Zulu was meddling in Zimbabwe’s affairs.

Zulu is South African President Jacob Zuma’s international relations advisor and is part of Sadc’s team of mediators to Zimbabwe’s political crisis.

Zulu recently suggested that Zimbabwe should postpone elections to facilitate the implementation of outstanding media and security reforms, a statement which attracted rebuke from the 89-year old Mugabe.

The Zimbabwean strongman said:  “She (Zulu) is an ordinary stupid and idiotic street woman.”

Mugabe said Zulu cannot dictate terms to Zimbabwe.

“We are in Sadc voluntarily, if Sadc decides to do stupid things we can pull out,” said Mugabe to thunderous applause from the poor crowd who are attending the star rally.

Mugabe, who lost elections in 2008 to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, begged supporters to overwhelmingly vote for the former ruling party to shut out intrusive persons like Zulu.

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