The morning after weddings


JOHANNESBURG – The  morning after the Wedding presentation was as normal as any other as the housemates got up in the cold and did their morning exercises.

The few that were awake did stretches and back exercises that prepared them for the day ahead.

Feza, Fatima and Oneal had had a chat earlier yesterday morning about Oneal and Feza’s relationship.

Feza told them about the time she actually fell in love with the Tswana gentleman and that it’s a good thing that they are now married, even if it was for the task.

They had also been talking about weddings and how much they cost in the real world.

Could the couple have been thinking of tying the knot for real? Elikem seemed to miss his lady love Pokello and moved swiftly on with his ‘friend’ Fatima as they have been cuddling together at all times including sharing a bed these past few days.

Could Elikem be back in his player ways or does he feel lonely hence he’s getting closer to the Malawian chick? Only time will tell where this relationship will go and how it will affect his connection with the Zimbabwean diva.

We honestly hope you know what you’re doing Elikem. Elikem and Pokello are set to have a date in the rendezvous room on Saturday. How do you think this will go?

What about Pokello?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. So is it just us or does Elikem just not seem much perturbed by Pokello’s absence from the Ruby House?

For a man who says that he sees a future for their relationship outside of the Big Brother House he has been showing very little signs of missing his woman’s presence.

The current Ruby  has carried on with life as usual having a good time without his lover.

Earlier in the week it was revealed that Elikem may have in fact been the one pulling the strings all along behind Feza’s decision to swap Pokello to the diamond house.

Ever the since the Zimbabwean traded Houses, the Ghana fellow has also gone back to spending a suspicious amount of time with Fatima. The two-some is now free to share baths and a bed together.

This evening they were practically attached at the hip where one went the other followed. They spent some quality time in the Jacuzzi together before joining their fellow housemates in the bedroom.

Just like lovebirds Oneal and Feza; Fatima and Elikem also spent the evening in bed where she gave her ‘friend’ a manicure then popped the pimples on his back.

Euww; seriously what is Fatima’s obsession with popping Elikem’s pimples? Afterwards the two shared a hug.

Must be nice. Elikem and Pokello are set to meet in the rendezvous room this weekend.

Do you think that their relationship still has a fighting chance? Is his relationship with Fatima just an innocent friendship?

Honeymoon phase

Love is in the air in the Ruby House. Thursday’s fun wedding ceremony may have only been for their Task presentation but that does not mean that Feza and Oneal cannot enjoy the benefits of being in a loving and committed relationship.

This evening the Ruby lovebirds looked to be in the honeymoon phase of their union as they spent the night joined at the hip.

Not even the mightiest pliers could pry these two apart. Despite Oneal’s fears that the Wedding might cause awkwardness between them; it seems like it has in fact brought them even closer together.

For most of the night post ceremony they have been laying side by side in bed having intimate chats with one another.

The lovers took turns rubbing down each other’s backs and the Tanzanian even hooked her boo up with a manly manicure.  Awww, the look of love, it is a beautiful thing.

Victory for all

Hip hip hoorah, the curse of the diamonds has come finally to an end.

After two consecutive weeks of Wager losses at task presentation; tonight the diamond housemates broke their losing streak and sailed smoothly into a 100 percent Wager win along with the Rubies.

This evening the diamonds did not disappoint when they put on a beautiful Wedding for Africa.

Could it be the introduction of boss lady Pokello and hardworking Bassey in the house that helped propel them into a life of victory?

Or was it the dreadful experience of having to go for two weeks without any luxuries, cigarettes or alcohol in the house that finally gave them the extra kick in the butt that they needed?

Or could it have been the genuine love between Cleo and Hakeem that helped clinch a win in this week’s wedding task? Whatever it was, congrats to them. 

In the Ruby House the diligent house-mates were rewarded once again for all of their hard work. After having a blast at Oneal and Feza’s fun wedding, the Rubies had even more reason to celebrate when Biggie announced their win. Well done Rubies.

Which wedding task presentation did you enjoy more? And do you think both Houses deserved a 100 percent Wager win this week?

A match made in Ruby heaven

You can always trust the Ruby House-mates to have a blast at every occasion and tonight was no different.

Father of the bride Sulu walked the blushing bride down the aisle.

Feza looked sexy as ever in a pink and white figure hugging pink dress. She accesorised with glamorous long white gloves and silver accessories.

The maid of honour Fatima chose to match with colour of their House in all red. As did mother of the bride Natasha.

Bridesmaid Annabel wore a red and cheetah print dress. The groom looked mighty handsome in his attire. He opted to keep things simple in a classic black suit with a skinny black tie.

His best man Angelo looked yummy in head to toe black. Elikem; who also looked dashing in all black; played the role of the pastor for the evening. Unlike the emotional diamond vows; the Ruby pair opted to keep things light-hearted.

“I am happy that the arrogant man that I met turned out to be the man of my dreams. I am happy that you are taller than me,” said the giggling bride.  “You are the horny to my lonely.

You are the Nelson to my Mandela. You are the particular to my juncture. You are true love,” the groom expressed. After the vows the best man, the maid of honour and the mother and the father of the bride all gave touching speeches.

Then it was time to cut the wedding cake which was a three-tier chocolate cake decorated with pink icing and strawberries.

What was your favourite part of the Ruby House wedding?

They may be living in the Diamond House but tonight Hakeem and Cleo glittered like gold.

The blushing bride walked down the aisle looking like a golden cloud in her sparkly gold dress. The Zambian accesorised with a silver head chain attached to her white veil and leopard print shoes.

The groom looked dashing in a black suit with a brown shirt and gold bow-tie matching his lady’s dress.

The Zimbabwean serenaded his woman as she made her way down the aisle being walked by Melvin.

The maid of honour, Selly and the two bridesmaids, Beverly and Dillish wore black mini dresses with a gold ribbon tied around their waists.

Best man Bimp was in a grey suit with a black shirt. Big sister Pokello played MC for the evening while Reverend Michael Bassey solemnised the marriage.

The couple exchanged their own prepared vows. “In life I realise one thing that you have no choice but to choose. I choose to love you forever and ever till death do us part,” said the groom.

Afterwards the best man and maid of honour both gave speeches. “You are the most loving couple I have ever seen. Even though I have only known you for two weeks,” said Selly.

Afterwards the newlyweds shared their first dance. They then cut into their three-tier chocolate cake decorated with white and blue roses and sprinkles of silver.

The always playful Nando was the photographer of the evening as all of the House-mates took turns taking photos with the new husband and wife.

The wedding mobile was a red life size cardboard car. The bride got emotional and teary-eyed as her man serenaded her in front of everyone at the end of the ceremony.

Who does Dillish have feelings for?

Pretty Namibian lady Dillish has a secret desire for someone in the Diamond House.

Who could it be? The diamond dame was unwilling to reveal who is the object of her affectations despite Hakeem’s eager probing.

This evening the Zimbabwean put his former nemesis turned good buddy on the hot seat. “Dillish have you ever had feelings for Hakeem,” the model queried. “No,” she quickly retorted.

So it looks like the tension between the two was not of a sexual nature. After that Hakeem asked: “You said that you have feelings for someone in the Diamond House; who is it?” “I am not going to reveal,” she said coyly.

Well in the past Dillish has stated that she likes Bassey and the Sierra Leonean is now a resident of the Diamond House thanks to Feza’s House swap last Friday. So could this be who she was talking about?

But if she made that statement before he moved in, then who else could Dillish be crushing on? —

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