Woman removes blouse in court


HARARE – There was drama at the Harare Civil Courts when a woman took off her blouse to show scars she sustained from an assault by her step-daughter.

Estere Tevera sought a peace order against Nhamo Gwishiri who she  alleged harasses and verbally abuses her.

“I want this court to see that I have been living under serious abuse from Gwishiri,” said Tevera as she took off her blouse.

“Look at my back and chest; I sustained these scars after she burnt me in 1996. She has not stopped abusing me and always insults me.

Recently, she told me she is going to finish me off by striking me with an axe,” she said.

Tevera was however ordered to dress properly. She told the court she felt emotionally abused because of Gwishiri’s insults.

“She calls me a prostitute and uproots my vegetables and sweet potatoes from the garden, and seeks to evacuate me from my late husband’s house,” she told the court.

Gwishiri denied the allegations and said Tevera was in the habit of fabricating criminal charges against her.

“She was my late father’s girlfriend and had a child together. I don’t even talk to her, let alone greet her,” said Gwishiri.

“She is the one who refers to me as ‘Satan’ to our neighbours and have been to the police fabricating lies against me on several occasions.”

Magistrate Tatenda Manhanzva who ruled on the matter dismissed the peace order application because evidence presented before the court could not prove the incidences of abuse.

“From the evidence I cannot put a mark to say there is an act of domestic violence. If applicant is being insulted criminally, you should report the matter to the police and respondent will be fined. Go and stay in peace,” she said.

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