Why always Nando?


JOHANNESBURG – When you live in the Big Brother House, your business is everyone’s business.

Forget what anyone else told you.

Early this morning, Selly learned this the hard way when her fellow Housemates waded into shaky territory; her love triangle with Sulu and Nando.

As the Diamonds hung out in the bedroom, the gang asked her why she chose Nando over Sulu.

Luckily, the mood in the House was festive and Selly was no doubt in a good mood.

The Ghanaian was as blunt as they come, revealing how everything was part of her strategy. “It’s part of my game plan,” she said.

After expressing his reservations regarding Feza’s enthusiasm for the wedding task, it seems Oneal might be warming up to the idea of walking down the aisle in the near future.

Early this morning, Oneal was singing a different tune.

“Today, I’m obsessed with you”, he cooed as he looked into his sweethearts eyes. How sweet!

Oneal, Feza discuss their game

As the night came to a much-needed end, the Ruby couple set to wed, Oneal and Feza, sat in the bath tub discussing their fears and their strategy at this point in the game.

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Oneal was telling Feza that he feared that if he were to leave the Ruby House, whether he was Evicted or moved to the Diamond House, he would find it very hard to not think about her.

This made his game plan a bit vulnerable in that regard.

He told her that she needed to thank Koketso because she had outlined their current relationship by telling him that he had a chance with Feza.

Oneal told Feza that he really liked her and that he didn’t want to lose her to The Chase and the situation was confusing because whether or not they stay in the same House, there will still be challenges they have to face.

“You and me are a team that is beyond us,” he said passionately.

Feza was obviously confused by her man’s word because he was not necessarily driving to any point but merely stating his fears, concerns and strategy.

She told him that wherever he went, she would go, so sticking together was the way forward for the Tanzanian chick.

You could see it in her eyes, she really likes this dude and is willing to be with him to the very end, especially because no one knows when his end will be, with his Nomination hovering over them.

For Feza, the time is now because as much as everyone has their game plan, challenges will always influence them in a good or bad way.

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