Mum seeks custody of children


HARARE – A Harare woman who was bashed and thrown out of her house naked by her estranged husband, has approached the Harare Civil Court seeking custody of her two children.

Nyarai Bungwe made the application against Benisio Manic yesterday.

In his opposing papers, Manic told the court it was not in the children’s interests for Bungwe to be granted custody because she is living with another man, rents a room and lives far from the children’s school.

Bungwe denied the allegations, saying she would make alternative arrangements to provide decent shelter and education for her children.

“I have not been living with another man. When I left the house, I was seeking to protect myself from Manic because he physically abused me,” said Bungwe.

“He threw me out of the house naked and when I returned sometime in May he turned me away saying I had returned with juju from my mother’s house where I was staying.

“I am renting one room in Highfield at the moment but since I have started going to work I can fend for my children.

“I will be moving to Zimre Park and will rent two rooms; enough to accommodate me and the children.”

Manic, through his legal representative, said moving the children would affect their education and best interests.

“It is important that this court considers the best interests of the children.

“They have been staying in Damafalls for a long time and that is the neighbourhood they are accustomed to,” he said.

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“The eldest child is doing Grade Seven and preparing for his exams. It won’t be in his best interest to change schools in the middle of second term.

“Since 2010 applicant has not been staying with the children and is only seeking custody because of the altercation she had with Manic.

“It is clear and apparent she is using children to settle scores, which is highly unacceptable.”

Magistrate Tatenda Manhanzva said he will pass judgment on Monday, after interviewing the children.

“Since the children have come of age. I feel I should have one-on-one interviews with both of them before I make a reasoned decision,” she said.

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