Herald worker gets peace order against abusive hubby


HARARE – A Zimpapers worker has approached the courts seeking legal protection from her husband who allegedly locked her in a room for three consecutive days without food or ablution facilities.

Nivea Chandomba brought her husband Shephard Chandomba before the Harare Civil Court seeking a peace order.

Magistrate Milton Serima granted the order and advised Shephard to refrain from any activity that infringes Nivea’s peace.

Nivea told the court that she feared for her safety because Shephard threatens that she will not wake up one day.

“I am not even safe in our matrimonial home. He locks doors for me and prevents me from going to work,” said Nivea.

“Last year he locked me in the house from December 25 to 27 leaving me without access to food, water or ablution facilities. He strangles me and promises that I am going to wake up dead (sic) one of the days.

“I work at the Herald and have had problems with my employer because of his conduct. He is always drunk and follows me to work whenever I am on night shifts.”

Shepherd denied the allegations and said they had only argued because she does not respect him.

“She comes home after 11pm and claims she is coming from work. She is very stubborn and I have tried consulting her relatives to solve our matters but she doesn’t listen,” he said.

“She never stays in the house and even the children are affected by her behaviour. We have a two-year-old child but she doesn’t even look after his welfare.”

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