Bulawayo man attacks cop with spade


BULAWAYO – A Bulawayo man who attacked a police officer with a spade on the forehead to evade arrest has appeared in court facing three counts of physical abuse, escaping from lawful custody and assaulting or resisting a police officer.

Legen Bhebhe, 45, of 70 St Julien Street Worringham who pleaded not guilty to the first count of physical abuse was remanded in custody until tomorrow (Friday) when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Eveline Mashavakure.

The State alleges on June 27, at around 10pm, Bhebhe arrived home drunk and started throwing household utensils about before burning a skirt belonging to his sister in-law Nkazimulo Sibanda.

Prosecutor Paida Zengeni further alleges that Bhebhe went on to pummel his wife Margaret Sibanda with fists all over the body but she managed to escape and reported the matter to the police.

While in police custody Bhebhe became violent as he demanded to be released. He forcibly opened the charge office door and fled from detention.

The following morning one constable Ziuchi went to re-arrest Bhebhe at his home.

The court further heard that on arrival, constable Ziuchi noticed a knobkerrie on the ground in the yard which he armed himself with anticipating Bhebhe’s previous violent record.

Bhebhe reportedly tried to disarm the police officer but failed and during the scuffle, Bhebhe picked up a spade which he then used to strike constable Ziuchi once on the forehead.

Ziuchi sustained a deep cut on the forehead but overpowered Bhebhe and re-arrested him.

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