3-in-1 gym opens in Budiriro


HARARE – A new  gym offering three services under one roof will be officially opened in Harare’s high density suburb of Budiriro on Saturday.

The gym that will be known as Daxso is situated in Budiriro 1 off Budiriro 3 turnoff and will offer the general gym services, aerobics and martial arts.

Gym owner Sempai (instructor) Robson Mucheni, who is also a karateka, said the facilities will be open to anyone willing to work on their fitness.

“We decided to open the gym right in the heart of ghetto after the realisation that most people in need of such facilities from this area could not afford getting into town because of financial constraints,” Mucheni told the Daily News yesterday.

“Promoting fitness and health is our motto and we have structured our facilities in such a way that we will have aerobics, gym and martial arts and we intend to work on people’s health and discipline.

“As we speak, we already have three ladies who were denied tablets at their respective clinics because of their weight and they are with the aerobics class.”

The gym is equipped with a vibrator trade mill, shoulder pulley, chest expander, leg press and a flat bench among other equipment.

The opening of the gym comes at a time when the Harare Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (Habbfa) is taking stock of all the gyms dotted around the capital in order to create mutually-beneficial synergies for the development of the sport.

“We spoke to the Habbfa secretariat and they told us about their contest coming up next month and they have given us a task to identify athletes who could participate in modelling, fitness physique and bodybuilding.

“We are positive that we will be able to assist them in this,” added Mucheni.

Meanwhile, Habbfa chairperson Keith Chirimanzi said they are looking forward to working with the new kid on the block.

“Its a good development and a thing that we want to see happening in our province and beyond.

“It is through such positive initiatives that the sport can only grow in leaps and bounds while at the same time giving opportunities to those fitness fanatics who may not necessarily want to go all the way and compete,” Chirimanzi said.

Daxso gym will be open everyday and members will be liable to a $20 monthly subscription or $1 per session.

So far about 50 members have already signed up.

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