Woman wins protection order against hubby


HARARE – A  Harare woman  on  Monday won a protection order against her husband Hardlife Makuyana who she claimed teamed up with his new wife to violate her.

Magistrate Milton Serima granted the protection order in favour of Zvondai Sithole.

Sithole, who has four children with Makuyana, told the court that incidences of violence started when she discovered that the latter was due to wed another woman while they were still married.

“We have been happily married with four children,” she said. “The problem started recently when I discovered invitation cards to a wedding that he had secretly planned with another woman.

“Unfortunately for them, people contested against a public wedding and they wedded in court. He had lied to the woman’s family that he was single. Since then he teams up with his wife and comes to cause violence at our matrimonial home.”

Sithole said she feared for the safety of her children if Makuyana and his wife continue with the visits.

“They want to evict me and the children from our matrimonial home. I am now afraid to leave the children alone at the house,” she said.

“He no longer caters for his children and has told me look after ‘my children’ by myself.” Makuyana denied allegations of violence and said Sithole was the one breaching his peace because she was bitter they had separated.

“This woman cannot just accept that I have moved on,” he said. “I never planned the wedding secretly and she is lying before this honourable court.

“She is the one who actually calls my wife insulting and threatening her. I have only stopped paying fees for our child who is Form One because I have been informed she is sleeping around with men in the village,” Makuyana said.

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