Villager murdered for stealing goat


HARARE – Three Kadoma family members are to stand trial today after they allegedly murdered a man they accused of stealing their goat.

Mathew, Edith and Webster Mujuru will appear before High Court judge Felistas Chatukuta on murder charges.

The trio is jointly charged with Norman and Oliver Gwanyanya, Tapera and Jephias Masocha and an eighth accomplice Lovemore Mangozho.

According to court papers, the Mujuru family members suspected that the now deceased, whose names were not mentioned in the state outline, had stolen their goat in December 2006.

It is alleged earlier on the day that the goat was stolen, Ngoni Zvikiti had seen a dog coming from the deceased father’s house carrying a goat head.

According to court papers, the Mujuru family members identified the goat head as that of one of their flock.

It is alleged at midnight, villagers went to the now deceased’s house, where they apprehended him and took him to his father’s house.

The suspects allegedly tied him with a rope and began assaulting him on the head and all over the body using a sjambok. At dawn, the court heard, the suspects took the now deceased to the Mujuru homestead, where they tied him on a tree and continued assaulting him until he defecated.

The mob directed the now deceased’s father to clean him but he died while his father was in the process of cleaning him.

A post mortem result showed that the now deceased died as a result of head injuries. He also sustained multiple bruises on his body and suffered intracranial haematoma.

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