Oneal, ‘the intellect’


JOHANNESBURG – It’s no secret that Oneal fancies himself quite the intellect so it is no surprise that he spent the evening giving an impromptu lecture to the Rubies.

At Annabel’s request, the Tswana fellow talked about the highs and lows of his career as a disc jockey.

“If I am playing you have to know that Oneal is playing.

“If I walk into the room you have to notice me among other DJs,” he crowed.

And of course with Oneal, one simple question is never met with one answer.

But instead his responses always turn into never ending sermons that stretch longer than the Nile.

Soon enough the Ruby lad went on a tangent about people who don’t laugh at your jokes.

“Those people in the process are short changing themselves of information,” he preached.

Now it is up to Africa

Last night Fatima found herself on the Eviction chopping block for the first time in her stay in the Big Brother House.

But instead of taking it personally; the Malawian has chosen to take the mature road and recognise that it’s all just part of the game. “I have no hard feelings towards anyone.

Just like people walked in and nominated me; I walked in and nominated too,” she rationalised to Feza.

The two Ruby ladies spent the evening having a girl’s chat in the bathroom; where Fatima had nothing but good things to say about her stay in the House.

“If I do go home on Sunday I am glad that I got to meet the people I met it has been a life changing experience,” she mused.

At the end of the conversation she concluded with, “Nobody is perfect. Now it is up to Africa.” No truer words have ever been spoken Fatima.

As it is now all up to The Chase viewers to let their fingers do the talking and get to voting to keep their favourite housemate in the House.

“I don’t want any more drama” — Selly

After what has been a dramatic couple of weeks; it would seem that trouble-magnet Selly is now looking for a drama free stay in the House.

Over the past five weeks Selly has seen herself at the centre of some alcohol drama with Pokello that saw the Ghanaian get                  her first Strike in the House.

She also found herself slap bang in the middle of a love triangle with Sulu and Nando that culminated in both fellows also getting slapped with one Strike each.

The Diamond lady has now had enough as she told her girl pal Cleo this evening, “I don’t want any more drama”.

The two Diamond dames turned the kitchen into their own little therapist’s office as the young actress poured her heart out to Cleo; who listened attentively and offered advice.

From their conversation it is clear that the Ghanaian woman is not yet over Nando but the problem is that she does not know where she stands with him. “He is so complicated and I don’t have time for that.

We only have 91 days in the House” she griped. Like a little lost puppy she searched for guidance in her friend.

“Should I withdraw more” she asked sincerely. “No you have withdrawn enough from him. Just give him time to come to you to tell you about his feelings,” Cleo counselled.

Oh Selly girl if you really want no drama then maybe it’s time to consider staying away from playboys; no?

Day 36

18:50 — Annabel and Feza say they miss Bimp. “He’s very wild, crazy and chilled out,” Annabel says.

18:26 — Fatima says she hopes this week’s Task is mental rather than physical.

18:03 — Hakeem says he asked Pokello about Cleo but Bimp warns him to never ask people about his girl.

18:00 — Hakeem gossips about Pokello to Bimp. He calls her vain and says she’s playing Elikem.

17:45 — Cleo and Selly are having a heart to heart about relationships in the House.

17:28 — The Diamonds discuss the best cooks in the game and what foods they enjoy cooking.

They say Natasha and Fatima compete in the Ruby House.

16:33 — Fatima joins the guys in the Jacuzzi.

16:25 — Fatima is excitable in the Diary Room. She says she wishes Pokello would come back because Elikem is burdening her with his issues.

16:17 — Oneal says he’s considering calling off his relationship with Feza.

16:15 —“People are now aware that you need to be voting out competition,” Oneal.

15:30 — Feza says she agreed with Elikem to send Pokello to the Diamond House but knows that she’ll be in for it.

15:10 — Cleo tells Hakeem about her Diary session adding that she doesn’t want to be played.

14:40 — Dillish says she’s made peace with Hakeem so this week she nominated housemates that haven’t been up.

14:32 — Nando says his game hasn’t started and accuses some housemates of “riding the bus for free.”

14:24 — Bimp tells Biggie that he has a special relationship with Beverly and Dillish but knows that Nando is attracted to Dillish.

14:13 — “If Melvin is HoH, I’m HoH. If I’m nominated, I’m not going anywhere even if Melvin is nominated,” Beverly says confidently.

14:04 — “I’m a soldier and I play the game like a soldier so I’m not fazed by being Swapped from the Ruby House,” Pokello.

14:00 — Hakeem says he thinks Cleo being with him is part of her winning strategy.

13:50 — Hakeem says he loves Cleo wholeheartedly but she has lied to him on several occasions.

13:45 — Cleo says there was a bit of tension between her and Hakeem over the weekend

13:20 — Diary sessions start with Bassey telling Biggie that he likes the Diamonds.

12:50 — Sulu chats to Angelo in the lounge.

12:33 — Oneal reads the Bible in bed while Elikem and Feza plan how to send him to Diamond.

12:20 — Feza says she needs to talk to someone she can trust before she bursts and it can’t be Oneal.

12:14 — Elikem and Feza say sometimes it’s best to spend time away from your lover in the House. Feza says Hakeem did well without Cleo, now they don’t interact.

12:00 —Feza and Elikem discuss her Swapping Pokello on Friday and the repercussions

11:42— Bimp and Dillish say they don’t understand people that drink champagne when they are out. “If you buy me champagne, you’e wasting your time,” Dillish says

10:40 — This is how the Diamonds nominated:

10:30 — Cleo puts Pokello and Beverly and Beverly nominates Nando is too full of himself and getting to the edge of provoking her. She then nominates Pokello for dictatorship.

10:29 — Nando nominates Cleo and his girl Selly because she doesn’t put any effort in team work.

End of the road for HaCleo?

There is trouble in paradise. Hakeem and Cleo’s relationship has hit a rocky patch and it seems getting out of this funk is going to be a tall order, especially considering that Fatima has wiggled her way into the fray .

During his Diary Session yesterday, Hakeem revealed how Cleo has lied to him many times since their relationship began. “I love Cleo but sometimes love isn’t enough.

I value honesty and transparency in a relationship but right now, we’re in a rocky phase. I don’t know if I can do this”, Hakeem said.

When asked to give a one word answer about whether he thinks Cleo is using their relationship as a strategy, the Zimbabwean housemate gave a firm “Yes!” Hakeem made up his mind after a conversation he had with Fatima after the Channel O party on Saturday night.

“Fatima told me to watch my back because Cleo is playing the game and the feelings might not be real”, Hakeem said. In her Diary Session, Cleo alluded to the treacherous waters that her relationship with Hakeem is skimming. “We’re going through a lot right now.

We’re trying to iron out our differences as we try to get to know each other more intimately.  We’re working towards staying together”, the sexy Zambian said. Will Hakeem and Cleo overcome this hurdle as The Chase continues or will these two call time on their relationship soon? —

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