Man accuses wife of sleeping with magistrate


BULAWAYO – A 56-year-old Bulawayo man who accused his wife of sleeping with a magistrate in return for acquiring a protection order against him has been convicted and fined $200.

Sipho Mhlanga pleaded not guilty to the charge, saying the allegations were fabricated and calculated to chase him away from his matrimonial home since the couple had marital problems.

Prosecutor Masimba Saruwaka told the court that Mhlanga accused his Cuban wife, Carmen Ferrer Mhlanga, of having been involved in an illicit affair with an unnamed regional magistrate to entice him into issuing a protection order.

Mhlanga’s wife was in April issued with a protection order, P0158/13 which prohibited him from verbally abusing his wife.

The two have an eight-month-old daughter.

During a domestic row, Mhlanga is alleged to have said: “I am not going to leave you unless you leave the house; you are nothing to me.”

Saruwaka further told the court that earlier this month, Mhlanga got home drunk and started to verbally abuse his wife, accused her of sleeping with their gardener.

Carmen is a Cuban doctor who can only go back home after four years at the expiry of her contract.

Mhlanga is also alleged to have seized the couple’s original marriage certificate, leaving his wife with a photocopy.

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