Girlfriend sues HIV+ man over sex


HARARE – A  man living with HIV has been dragged to court by his HIV negative girlfriend  for forcing her to have unprotected sex.

Kimleen Chando of Glen Norah on Monday approached the Harare Civil Court after receiving threats of violence and physical abuse.

Magistrate Milton Serima granted the protection order in favour of Chando and advised Mandaza to refrain from any action that infringes the former’s peace.

Chando told the court that incidences of violence started towards the end of last year after the two had tested for HIV and Mandaza was found positive.

“We were in a good relationship and things turned sour when we went for HIV testing and I was found negative and Mandaza positive,” said Chando.

“When I decided to end the relationship he started acting violently and ordered me to pay back all the money he had spent on me during the relationship.

“He is forcing me to sleep with him though I indicated that I don’t want to associate with him anymore.”

She said she was living in fear of Mandaza who follows her around with a knife and threatened the disappearance of her two children.

“He is in the habit of following me around with a knife and has promised to make my children disappear. My children do not even go to school or play with other kids,” she said.

“This is the sixth time I have dragged him to court but he is so stubborn that every time we return from court, he waits for me by my gate.”

Mandaza denied allegations of forcing himself on Chando and told the court he wanted all the money he spent on her back.

“I was bitter with her because when I tested HIV positive she went and told her friend, instead of me, that she wanted to leave the relationship. I just want all the money I spent on her back,” he said.

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