Ex-con bashes cop to death


HARARE – A High Court judge has freed a Masvingo man who resisted arrest before bashing to death a police special constabulary unit member in 2009.

Isaac Chironda walked free after he managed to prove before High Court judge Susan Mavhangira that during the time of the offence, he was mentally ill.

Chironda was accused of murdering Gabriel Nyandoro but he tendered an innocent plea.

“He will therefore plead the defence of insanity on account of acute mental disorder in that at the time of the commission of the offence, accused did not have an appreciation of his actions and the events leading to the commission of the crime.”

“Accused will state that he started taking medication called Sodium Viprin to control his mental illness in 2011 and that is when he started to appreciate events,” Chironda’s lawyer said in his defence outline.

He told the court that he has reformed and was sorry of his actions.

His father Masevenzo told the court that Isaac had a history of mental disorder and once threatened to kill his mother. Masevenzo said Isaac served a jail term in 2006 after he killed a neighbour’s oxen.

“Accused has had some out bursts of strange behaviour associated with evil spirits,” Masevenzo said.

Prosecutors told the court that Nyandoro was murdered after he, together with his colleague Agrippa Mudzowaniswa approached Chironda, with an intention of arresting him for burning his parents’ home.

Chironda, according to state papers, suddenly became violent and struck Nyandoro with a wooden stool three times on the head.

Nyandoro died on the spot.

After the murder, Mudzowaniswa, who had fled the scene to seek assistance, saw Chironda putting on Nyandoro’s police fawn suit.

According to a post mortem report, Nyandoro died due to serious head injuries.

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