Charamba graduates, embarks on regional tours


HARARE – After successfully completing his music degree programme, Pastor Charles Charamba will be graduating next month.

The years that Charamba has been absorbed in books, four of them to be precise, had slowed a number of his artistic projects; among them the regional and international tours.

Last week, Charamba commenced on regional tours with showcases in South Africa where he performed at several concerts. 

He was also happy to be playing in Johannesburg for the second time.

“I performed at several concerts coordinated by the churches there and it seemed most of those attending were from the churches. But there was one concert which was open to wider audiences and this happened at Witts University. It was unifying and glorious,” said Charamba.

Chramba said there seem to be some misconception that if a church organises a concerts, only its members should attend.

“I think the churches should open up to others who might be Christians but not necessarily church members. The idea has restricted concerts organised by churches.”

The gospel star will be finally graduating next month. “Yes, it is happening next month and I am delighted at the end result. It was a hectic four-year period but with the blessings of the Lord and my wife, Olivia I managed to pull through.”

Charamba works hard when he sets goals and the degree programme is not the only schooling he had to endure as he also trained to be a church pastor for several years.

Charamba holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and has been a pastor since 2001.

“You need focus to be able to endure those long hours on a desk, especially after having spent several other years in primary and secondary school. But with God everything is possible — you just have to put faith in Him,” said Charamba.

Charamba said he would be lining up a number of regional and international concerts.

“We have dates for the UK and hopeful more will come as time goes. There will be more regional showcases in the near future because we have strong contacts within the region.”

Between 2001 and 2006, Charamba had been doubling as pastor and musician, but revealed that duties had grown beyond his capacity.

He withdrew from leading the Hatcliffe North congregation of the Apostolic Faith Mission since July 2004.

Charamba, however, retained his pastoral title and assists where his services are required while he remains a member of the Hatcliffe North Church.

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