Khumbula cuts ties with Makoni


MAVAMBO/KUSILE/DAWN (MKD) national chairman Wilson Khumbula has walked out of the party to resuscitate Zanu-Ndonga, the Daily News can reveal.

Khumbula, who contested the 2002 presidential election as Zanu-Ndonga’s candidate, told the Daily News that the unity pact entered into by MKD and Zanu-Ndonga in 2009 has been terminated because the party has failed to live up to its expectations.

The former Zanu-Ndonga president said he and other senior members of his party including MKD chairperson for Bulawayo province only identified as Mungofa and Mukwakwana who doubled as national secretary for communications and Mashonaland West provincial chairperson had resolved to disengage from the pact and “resurrect” their party which they want to contest in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

Zanu-Ndonga hopes to field Khumbula as presidential candidate.

This sets Khumbula on a collision path with Reketai Semwayo, who claims to be the bona fide leader of Zanu-Ndonga and has even gone to the extent of pledging the party’s support for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s bid in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

Khumbula, who argues that Semwayo forfeited his Zanu-Ndonga membership after “joining” Tsvangirai’s MDC, said the decision was arrived at after realising that MKD was not taking the direction that it was supposed to take according to the accord.

“We have broken ranks with MKD and we have already begun the process of resuscitating Zanu Ndonga,” Khumbula said. “We made the decision together with senior members of the party where it was agreed that we should participate in this year’s elections as Zanu Ndonga.

“We had hoped that we would work with (Simba) Makoni to grow the party like we agreed in 2009. It was agreed then that we would roll out programmes to build party structures throughout the country’s 10 provinces but four years down the line, the party is not visible hence the decision to part ways.

He added: “It’s only that we see things differently in terms of how we should operate the organisation. We believe there is potential to develop if things can be done differently especially given that I did not do so badly in the 2002 presidential election emerging number three, so I will be the party’s presidential candidate this time around.”

He said his party will be fielding over 80 parliamentary candidates at the nomination court tomorrow.

However, Makoni said there was never a pact between his party and Zanu-Ndonga saying MKD was formed when “like-minded individuals with the same vision including Khumbula organised themselves into a political movement.”

“Khumbula has not yet told me that maybe he will or he may not, so I cannot comment on that for now,” Makoni said.

“I must however hasten to correct the misconception that there was an accord with anyone when we formed the party. The initiative in 2008 was to support an independent candidate and there was no political party. MKD only came into being on July 1, 2009 and Khumbula is one of its founding members,” said Makoni, adding that the only Zanu-Ndonga he knows is one led by Semwayo.

MKD came into being after the 2008 harmonised elections when Makoni walked out of Zanu PF on the eve of the 2008 vote.

The former Zanu PF politburo member and Finance minister contested the presidential election and garnered eight percent of the vote behind President Robert Mugabe and Tsvangirai who came second and first respectively.

Makoni’s participation in that election, according to Zapu leaderDumiso Dabengwa, was meant to scuttle chances of an outright win for Tsvangirai, a claim rejected by Makoni.

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