Civil society roll out ‘Feya feya’ election campaign


BULAWAYO – A pro-democracy group has  launched a campaign aimed at promoting peaceful, free and fair elections.

Dubbed “Feya-Feya”, the campaign was launched by Okay Machisa, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition chairperson, who said the initiative was predicated on leveraging possibilities of Zimbabwe’s transition  to democracy.

“Feya-Feya is a sound but simple messaging platform where the concept of credible, free and fair elections is captured and popularised in a simple manner that is friendly and accessible to an ordinary Zimbabwean,” Machisa said.

“We want to tell all those who want to steal elections through unorthodox means that we are watching you as we also strive to ensure the people’s vote is protected and respected.”

The Crisis Coalition boss said the objective of the campaign was to increase citizen participation in electoral processes and to mobililise national and international support for peaceful, free and fair elections.

“We want to advocate  for peaceful elections and mitigating the impact of violence and intimidation in the country as well as campaigning for a conducive operating and political environment ahead of the elections,” Machisa said.

He said their aim was to turn the Feya-Feya campaign into a national anthem in the run up to the crunch harmonised election, adding they were apolitical in their operations.

“I also want to make it clear this campaign has nothing to do with any political party as all political parties are going to receive our demands as well as our regalia” he said.

The massive launch was attended by over 150 civil society organisations drawn from across the country.

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