Zanu PF leaders scoring own goals


HARARE – Just when it thought it had just “breathed life” into its stuttering machine, Zanu PF has another problem to deal with and it is not just a simple one.

The imposition of candidates and in some cases, the protection of politicians who are over the hill, could drive the party towards a precipice.

Zanu PF had come up with guidelines that hoped were democratic when they set new guidelines and rules for its primary elections.

The former ruling party was trying to open up the process to allow participation by aspiring party officials to stem imposition of candidates.

But the storm that has been caused by the same reason that Zanu PF tried to eliminate, has so far proved to have far reaching ramifications for its electoral chances.

Thousands of demonstrators who remonstrated against candidate imposition have forced the postponement of primary elections to tomorrow.

Some of the imposed candidates include Ignatius Chombo who stands accused by his constituency of not doing enough to develop his area.

In Manicaland, Joseph Made and Didymus Mutasa have been reportedly imposed on the people.
Zanu PF is guilty of double speak and causing anger amongst aspiring candidates.

The tragedy in Zanu PF is that the party leadership including President Robert Mugabe reportedly have a say in who stands in which constituency instead of using the people to choose who they want.

The actions by the Zanu PF leadership militate against the very objectives that Zanu PF is trying to achieve.

They are the source of the problem in the party because they are blocking voices of the people to be heard through participation of candidates of their own choices.

Then people are justified to blame Mugabe for driving this once prosperous country into the ground because of his refusal to embrace democracy.

A good leader listens to the people and respects their wishes even if he does not necessarily agree with them.

What has come out of provinces clearly shows that Zanu PF supporters are driving the vehicle of change.

The writing is one the wall for most of these geriatrics who, for long, stayed in the path of a new generation in Zanu PF.

And the first blow has been delivered — the postponement of the primaries to look into the appeals and grievances of those disqualified. – Staff Writer

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