Party refutes Mutambara’s alleged ouster


HARARE – Breakaway MDC faction has described Arthur Mutambara’s alleged ouster from the party’s helm as a “monumental dream”.

In a statement, the party’s secretary general Maxwell Zimuto said the robotics professor was still the leader of the party.

“MDC-M wished to categorically state that contrary to assertions that have culminated in a plethora of articles which appeared in some newspapers ostensibly from Robson Mashiri, claiming that Professor Arthur Mutambara, the MDC-M president had been ousted, these claims are false and malicious and can only exist in Mashiri’s wildest dreams,” said Zimuto.

Zimuto’s statement comes after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said Mutambara should no longer consider himself a principal in the coalition government, as the guarantors of the Global Political agreement (GPA), Sadc has discarded him.

“It is clear from the Sadc meeting that Mutambara is no longer considered a principal and the legitimate one is Ncube (Welshman). From now on, it is important for everyone to appreciate that whenever we discuss matters of the GPA, President Robert Mugabe, Ncube and I, are in charge,” Tsvangirai told the Daily News last week.

The party has been in a leadership wrangle since 2011.

However, despite a High Court ruling, declaring Ncube as the official president of this breakaway MDC formation, Mutambara took the matter to the Supreme Court — which is yet to make a determination, giving him a lifeline to continue as a principal.

Mutambara has been left clinging to the pending court ruling.

Ncube who sided with Tsvangirai  said Mutambara ceased to be a Principal when the party congress decided so, two years ago.

Despite Tsvangirai and Ncube’s averments, in his statement Zimuto said.

“Professor Mutambara is the president of the party and he remains so until proper constitutional processes of changing leadership are conducted.” – Tendai Kamhungira

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