Zanu PF mob detain Daily News scribe


HARARE – A Zanu PF mob yesterday held Daily News reporter Wendy Muperi hostage for over one hour and forced her to chant party slogans.

Muperi was covering a demonstration at the Zanu PF headquarters by disgruntled supporters of candidates who did not make it to the primary elections.

Muperi was detained by the mob for about an hour together with journalists from other media houses.

It took the intervention of State-run media journalists to negotiate with political commissar Webster Shamu to secure their release.

The journalists were put through a lecture by the Zanu PF cadres about the liberation war.

“Did you watch the news today or yesterday? Heroes who died for your country were being exhumed from mass graves?” said a menacing man only identified as Hunda.

“I am still living with a bullet in my body while you are busy helping sell outs, especially you the Daily News.

“You write lies, the president is ill, the president dies,” he said before some of them joined him in chanting Zanu PF slogans. – Staff Writer

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