Kezi villager struggle to get IDs


KEZI – Privilledge Moyo’s future looks bleak as she and her toddler are not documented as Zimbabwean citizens.

Like most of the young women in Kezi who got married at a tender age, the 18-year-old mother of one has to carry the burden of processing her son, Future’s birth certificate and at the same time acquiring a national identity card for herself, so as to register as a vote this year.

One wonders the kind of future ahead of such a  mother and child without necessary documents to certify their Zimbabwean citizenship.

Both Moyo’s parents died, and she does not have any relative to vouch that the deceased were her biological parents.

On June 13, Moyo visited the Registrar General’s office in Kezi with her baby strapped on her back, bidding to acquire a birth certificate but, she was told to go to the provincial offices in Gwanda.

For an unemployed mother of one, she could not raise the fare to travel to the provincial town, therefore, giving up on trying.

“I don’t have a birth certificate and a national identity card so I cannot register to vote. They said I should go to Gwanda, but I don’t have the money to go there,” Moyo said.

She was clueless about the fact that the village headman was vested with powers to write a letter to the RG’s office to facilitate the processing of birth certificates and national IDs.

“We are writing letters for villagers who do not have IDs so that they can acquire relevant documents in Kezi,” Fuyana Village’s headman Shadreck Ncube, told the Daily News on Sunday.

In its voter registration requirements, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) authorised headmen to write confirmation letters to allow their subjects procure documents required to register to vote or acquire other official document.

Headman of Mabonyane, Lucas Moyo said headmen were writing letters vouching that the villagers were their subjects; but many are still being turned back empty-handed.

“Even when we write letters, they return with nothing. It is problematic for many to get IDs because they do not have immediate relatives to vouch for them,” Moyo said.

The headman said fresh voter registration would start on June 28 to 29 at Marinoka Primary School and on June 30, until July 1 at Chedondo Primary School.

But villagers who spoke to this paper showed ignorance about this crucial programme. And for some, it was sheer indecision.

“I don’t know who to vote for. What will it help me? But I will go and register all the same,” Fortunate Ncube a 22-year-old mother of one said.

For those with the required documents, voter registration has been running smooth, although there is need for more awareness. – Nyasha Chingono

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